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Learning & Engagement

Develop your skills - and learn new ones

The eir academy is a group wide initiative to motivate and engage our people through easy and accessible training and development. It’s about helping everyone Learn, Develop and Grow themselves and their career.

Our aim is to create a working environment where knowledge sharing and learning are a natural part of every day, with the opportunity to bolster that learning with workshops, talks, courses and online learning tailored to your needs.

Here’s just a few of the ways you can get involved when you work at eir…

Megabites – Lunchtime learning sessions

We run regular sessions to fill you in on the latest developments and projects we’re working on. All you need to do is grab your lunch and come along. You’ll be up to speed before you know it.

Hybrid Lives

We’re holding a series of interactive discussion sessions between our people and leading experts influencing the world of telecoms. These sessions happen every month or two and are a  great opportunity to ask questions of leading thinkers in the industry and get an idea of what the future could hold.

Our Academies

The academy runs a mix of programmes aimed at everybody, which include help with Managing People, as well as specialist academies for Business, Group Technology and Consumer & Small Business with content especially suited to each business area.

It’s all designed to help you Learn with courses tailored to your role; Develop through acquiring new skills; and Grow your career with eir.

Did you know?

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