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Our Customers

What would a company be without its customers?

At eir we’ve been transforming ourselves to ensure that everything we do, all the decisions we make and the way we work with our employees, have that one most precious asset in mind – customers.

The reason’s simple, if you don’t keep your customers your competitors will. The other major advantage of having contented customers is the knock on effect that has on our people. Think about the difference between working in a company where dealing with customers is stressful and unpleasant (as the customers are unhappy) to one where customers are happy and staff are happy helping them.

So, eir is on a journey to ensure that customers are at the heart of everything we do. We’ve been obsessive about measuring our customer’s experience for a while now, through investment in our NPS (net promoter score – a way of measuring customer experience) and then applying the findings to all parts of the business.

We’re undertaking programmes to transform our delivery channels (online, retail, call centre, sales teams) and re-engineer our internal processes and policies so that customers have as smooth as possible customer journey.

And engaged, happy employees are the first step to creating loyal, happy customers, so if you share our passion for making things better for our customers, why not join us?



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