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In the community

eir has a long history of community support programme in Ireland, our sponsorship of Special Olympics Ireland is the longest running partnership of its type in the country.  eir’s  Corporate Social Responsibility  programme is built around three interconnecting strands:

eir in the community

eir supports approximately 16 Irish charities on an on-going basis,  both nationally and locally. We also run additional charitable campaigns seasonally or when a particular need arises.  Through innovative programmes including eir Business Solutions: Lab353, the eir Spiders & Junior Spiders eir fosters support for SMEs, entrepreneurs and excellence in the space of technology and innovation.

Life @ eir

eir’s Diversity & Inclusion programme ensures that every person regardless of gender, race, physical ability or sexuality, is valued and treated equally in the workplace. eir was amongst the first companies in Ireland to sign up to the Irish Diversity Charter.

Sustainable business @ eir

Energy efficiency and conservation is important to the eir Group.  Our SURe energy campaign aims to provide eir employees with tips and hints on how to reduce energy both at work and in our own homes. At eir energy efficiency and conservation is something we all aspire to, eir’s head office is an award winning green building.

Carolan Lennon, Managing Director of eir Wholesale, has eir Group responsibility for the development and the implementation of eir’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy:

“Local community support is an integral part of our CSR strategy. eir has sponsored Special Olympics Ireland for 30 years, this is the longest corporate partnership of its type in Ireland. Our employees have supported this partnership from the very beginning and like Special Olympics Ireland we are local, we have roots in every community in Ireland so supporting local community is very important to us.

Special Olympics Ireland provides athletes with far more than the physical benefits of sport. Through sport, athletes develop both physically and emotionally, they make new friends, realise their dreams, and become the best they can be. This is at the very core of what we do in eir. It is our job to enable and facilitate people to connect, using our technology in homes and businesses to make the way we live and the way we work easier. Like Special Olympics Ireland we want to enable people to be the best that they can be and to reach their true potential.”

Did you know?

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