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Sports & Social

When we’re not delivering leading telecommunications solutions, we spend our time at Offair - our sports and social group that gives everyone a chance to get together and let their hair down.

Offair was founded to promote team spirit, friendship and to help everyone at eir get their work/life balance just right. And with activities and events that range from tag rugby to giant sumo wrestling, the Club really does offer something for everyone.

Offair Living

To complement your work environment, Offair Living can help you focus on wellbeing and lifelong learning during the week. The programme is made up of onsite fitness and wellbeing courses such as Yoga, Well Being, Pilates and Holistic Hands, together with fun initiatives like the recent quiz which was held in a local pub!

Offair Sports

Offair Sports is the social side of the Offair Club and is dedicated to enhancing the social and educational aspects of our local communities. It creates opportunities for everyone to get involved in a number of sporting and recreational activities, such as:

  • Golf Society – we organise regular golf society outings to come of Ireland’s most prestigious golf courses
  • Outdoor Pursuits Society - you can take pare in a range of activities including hill walking, sailing, horse riding, water skiingTag Rugby Team and Soccer Club – the club holds regular events and attends tournaments throughout the year

Did you know?

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