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As a business at the cutting edge of ICT and Telecommunications, we have a wide range of opportunities for technical people.


Technical Analysts drive requirements gathering, analysis and negotiation for company wide projects so that business objectives can be met.

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Our Technical Apprentices undergo a two year FETAC Level 6 Accredited hands on learning programme, at the end of which they are qualified to deliver our communication services, maintenance and repair of services and the build of the copper and current fibre access network.


Architects ensure that technology projects are built to a set of architectural standards providing a one stop shop for high level assessment of all new and major changes to programmes and project requirements.

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Our designers are experts on every aspect of our technology infrastructure and system software. They work to ensure everything is designed and built to operate efficiently and that performance and integrity is maintained at all times.

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Our Technical Engineers are involved in the longer term development of our network platforms over 18-24 months (Network Planning), a common IP and Optical Transport team, cater for the control elements in the network (Tertiary switching, MSC’s and signalling and IMS when it is available) and the TDM domain (PSTN, SDH, Martis, DC Power).

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Project Management

Our technical Project Managers use best practice methodologies to ensure control over costs, prioritisation and resourcing so that we can deliver great quality products and services to the market, on time and on budget.

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Service Management

Service Management work with their colleagues in the various customer facing teams to provide a single point of contact and accountability for the 24/7 delivery of their fixed line, mobile and IT services.

Working to achieve challenging SLA’s and KPI’s they provide 1st line support as well as a set of common processes, tools and practices that make sure the service delivered provides a consistently great customer experience.


Develop and maintain target strategies and strategic roadmaps to ensure the technology we use is in line with our corporate objectives.

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Support and Operations

Once our technology platforms are up and running, the support and operations team take responsibility for the technical, commercial and operational management of that infrastructure throughout its life. They look after switch sites, data centres, buildings, the circuit and packet networks, IT applications and infrastructure, providing the foundation that supports the full range of products and services we provide.

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Testing & QA

Providing an end to end test service for all existing and new Fixed and Mobile technologies, solutions and services we support. Common roles include working on test strategy, planning, execution, environments and automation.

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